Wiseman & Woody Comic

Created and written by D. White, Ph. D Illustrated by Rick Menard
Stewing In Your Own Juice
Stewing In Your Own Juice
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Wiseman & Woody July 2020
Father’s Finest
The Truth
School Daze!
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Identity Crisis?

Sargent Robert “Wiseman” Campbell, Ph. D, LCPC, LMFT, CADC

Wiseman Campbell, Ph. D is a very wise military veteran. He spent 28 years in the Air Force and dedicated 36 years of total service to his country. Sargent Campbell retired ranking in the top 1% of his field, by law. This is not something that can be voted on. The ranking was determined by a specific mathematic calculation based on Sgt. Campbell’s achievements. Wiseman, as he is known, has spent time in all 50 of the United States, 13 different countries, and can order a meal at a restaurant in 6 different languages.

If you tell Dr. Wiseman about any of your life experiences he is likely to say, “Been there, done that!” which is one of his favorite phrases. Another of his favorite phrases is, “If you get me once shame on you, if you get me twice shame on me!”  Dr. Wiseman offers very wise counsel. In addition to being an excellent therapist he also has a background in engineering and led a project on the famous Exxon Valdez. He studied at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, UA-Anchorage, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Dr. Wiseman practices in Anchorage, Alaska where he retired from the United States Military after serving at Elmendorf Air Force Base for over10 years.  Wiseman’s is a sports enthusiast. He was a former boxer and a Chicago Bears football fan. He is a skilled outdoor camper and fisherman and takes great care of his award winning jet black prize German shepherd named Midnight. Once he drove the Alcan through Canada to the Lower 48 during the winter with studs on his mobile home that toted his jeep. He did it because, in his words, “Now I can tell my grandkids I drove the Alcan.”

Wiseman affectionately calls Woody “Old Eagle Eye” for keen vision and quick insight. Wiseman has an organized mess in his office, which has hundreds of books and stacks of paper on his desk and floor. Displayed around the decorum of Wiseman’s office are multiple certificates of accomplishment along with his Chicago Bears Jerseys #40 & #51, his chess set, and his United States flag. Even though he is retired Dr. Wiseman proudly wears his Air Force uniform featuring his rank & stripes and cowboy boots during his daily business routine including counseling sessions.

Dwight “Woody” Woods

Woody is the teenaged protégé of Wiseman. Juanita G. is his grandmother’s sister and the aunt of his mother which makes her Woody’s great aunt. Woody moved from Chicago to Anchorage, Alaska at age 10 to live with his Aunt Nita.  He gets above average grades and is a good athlete, excelling in baseball, basketball, and football in that order. He aspires to be a schoolteacher and coach when he comes of age. Woody is a student at Midnight Sun High School in Anchorage. He often has unofficial counseling sessions with Wiseman where he gains valuable insight about life. He finds his Aunt Nita, who does not hold a professional counseling license, equally insightful.

Woody’s room is decked out with posters of his favorite pro athletes and black light posters from the 60’s & 70’s. He can generally be seen wearing his Minnesota Twins baseball jersey #29 or his signature “It All Started With U” logo and Adidas basketball shoes. Wiseman affectionately calls Woody “Eagle Eye” for his keen vision both literal and figurative while Juanita G. sometimes calls him the “Old Dude” because he behaves like a little gentleman. Woody participates in church services regularly and enjoys doing volunteer work. Some common phrases of Woody are, “Say what?”, “Are you going to believe that?”, “That’s the style” and “It’s only one thing worse than…”


Juanita G. (G. is for Good ‘lady)

Juanita G. is the loving, caring wife of Wiseman and wise great-aunt of Woody.  Juanita G. loves Woody unconditionally. Aunt Nita is a great cook. Her best recipes include banana pancakes and ‘Toad in the Hoad’ (Mini sausages baked inside of croissants). Aunt Nita spends quality time in her kitchen where she has decorative pots and pans lined around the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  She also has a television so she can watch her “stories” while she cooks.  Aunt Nita is an excellent seamstress often making her own clothing and outfits for Woody.  She generally wears her own dashikis and very fine jewelry. Aunt Nita affectionately calls Woody the “Old Dude”. Some of Aunt Nita’s wisest phrases include, “Live while you’re living”, “Don’t sit around stewing in your own juice”, “There’s a missing piece here somewhere”, and “Now you know the rest of the story.”



Woo-Woo is Woody’s pet owl and alter ego that was given to him by his Aunt Nita.  Woo-Woo is scholarly and subliminally wise. He sports a University of Anchorage basketball jersey with the #0 on it and Converse All-Stars basketball shoes.


Juan is Woo-Woo’s twin brother. Juan, the younger twin, is Juanita G.’s pet owl.   He is equally wise and also street smart. Juan sports a Chicago Blackhawks jersey with the #67 on it and wears “Air-Jordan” basketball shoes.