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Latoya Freeman, a business consultant for small to medium sized businesses, was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She majored in electrical engineering at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. She specialized in providing services for life insurance, legal needs, identity theft, and retirement plans. One of the greatest challenges that she encountered in life was failing second grade and being labeled a special education student in third grade. The pivot point in her life came when she was 8 years old and a teacher shrugged her shoulders at Latoya and walked away. This made Latoya feel very low and she vowed that no one would ever make her feel that way again.

Latoya told her mother that she did not want to take special education classes and by fourth grade she was accepted into a gifted program. Latoya outworked the work and in high school she graduated 3rd out of a class of 400 students. She earned a scholarship to Marquette and did and internship at Rockwell Automation.  She also developed a college preparatory program for Americorp. She remembers her experience being a young black girl holding a corporate level IT position. This is where she honed her skills in helping teams and clients become successful.

Latoya considered herself more of a people person. She had been reading books about entrepreneurship and investment since she was in middle school. She read Rich Dad Poor Dad at the age of 12. She realized that big business owners get paid even if they don’t show up by putting people in proper places. She started e-commerce website while in her 20’s and she still earns an income from that site. When she recognized that she was no longer passionate about technical acumen she decided to go into a field where she could connect people. She finds this very gratifying.

Latoya found that the greatest challenge in business was getting started. It is more relationship focused than transaction focused.  She began to build relationships with complete strangers over a period of time. Latoya says that it’s important to show a record of building viable relationships overtime to secure highly coveted government contracts. She says her daily routine includes, “Burning the ship to storm the land” and that her work is more like farming than hunting. It takes time to reap the fruit.  Freeman says that, “Business is like your baby in that you have to take care of it from the beginning into maturity.” Her weekly routine is generally as follows:

  • Monday – work on leads (data mining) & listen to podcasts
  • Tuesday – sales pipeline follow up (give another touch point) reach out to sales & marketing podcast
  • Wednesday – long form content (be a trusted advisor) blogs, articles, podcast, videos Theme:  motivation
  • Thursday – marketing & advertising on social media strategy & learning from available online courses
  • Friday – administrative work, bookkeeping, & cleaning up emails as well as education podcasts
  • Saturday – book & audio
  • Sunday learning a new skill

Latoya creates routines and predictable habits. She is passionate about helping people.  In fact, Latoya says that her hobby is helping people. She likes to see people succeed.  Her greatest accomplishment in business was securing her first major client because it showed that her hard work paid off. Her greatest disappointment was putting in the work to win a client, but the client chose someone else who provides the same service to do business with. With her resilience, displayed from a very young age, when she overcame learning challenges to become a gifted student and earn a college scholarship and vowed to never let anyone cause her to feel low again, Latoya Freeman has been an exemplary model for women and men everywhere. 

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