Juanita G. Campbell


The late and wonderful Juanita G. Campbell (October 22, 1931-December 1999) epitomized was WAGE$ (Women Advocating Greatness Education Success) is all about.  She was the youngest of 7; 5 girls 7 2 boys, with very humble beginnings.  She and her siblings were raised by the oldest Willie Mae White, who accepted the responsibility at age 12 when her mother died.  For the record Juanita is my great aunt who raised me and the inspiration for Juanita G. in Wiseman & Woody Comic Strip.  Willie Mae is my grandmother.

Although she did not have any biological children of her own, Aunt Nita and her husband Sargent Robert Campbell (Wiseman) played a significant role in rearing many of their nieces and nephews.  There were times when Aunt Nita worked outside the home and other times she worked as a homemaker while she supported her Uncle Bob during his long, distinguished, and honorable military career in service to his country.  Uncle Bob has been in all 50 of the United States, 13 different countries, and could order a meal at a restaurant in 6 different languages.

Some of Aunt Nita’s greatest words of wisdom include, “Live while you’re living” and “Don’t sit around stewing in your own juice.”  She was very good at managing money and the absolute smoothest at giving advice.  She could chop you neck off and you wouldn’t realize it until you tried to turn your head.  Aunt Nita was an outstanding cook who even made me like banana pancakes,” toad in the hoad” (smoked sausages baked inside of croissants), and during our  travels in our green Oldsmobile Toronado in the early 1970’s, Aunt Nita made salami and bologna sandwiches in the car taste like gourmet meals.

I could go on but my goal with WAGE$ is to highlight females that make a positive impact on society for the good of humanity.  It is my sincere hope that you will share your stories of the positive things that women are doing for the greater good of humanity much like my Aunt Nita did in her own humble way. Thank you.

  • By D. White, Ph. D
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