Frequently Asked Questions

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01. Who are we?

PEACE Readers INTL (International Network Transforming Lives) is a monthly e-publication written for the community by caring people in the community.  We donate 40% of proceeds to charities and grassroots community service organizations; particularly those that serve women, children, veterans, senior citizens, & people with disabilities.


02. What do we do?

PEACE Readers INTL advocates for PEACE (Promoting Equitable Accessible Community Education) while giving back to the community through charitable donations.  Our goal is to provide a first-class win-win experience for our readers, writers, & community partners.


03. What do we want?

PEACE wants social justice & social change. PEACE Readers INTL wants people who thrive on helping others to join our network by subscribing, submitting educational articles, and distributing our fine publication within your respective networks, associations, and professional affiliations.


04. Where are we?

PEACE Readers INTL was founded as a branch of Ulysses Enterprises (since 1999) in Illinois, established in Milwaukee, WI and is distributed digitally throughout the United States and abroad.


05. How do we achieve our mission?

PEACE achieves its mission through the efforts of good humanitarians like you. PEACE Readers INTL meets our mission of promoting balanced literacy (reading, writing, listening, & speaking) & PEACE (Promoting Equitable Accessible Community Education) by connecting professional networks of caring people.


06. When did we start?

PEACE Readers INTL was founded and incorporated in 2019 by D. White, Ph. D and we officially launched our website: in January of 2020.  Our founder has been living this mission his entire adult life and now wants to share this awesome vision worldwide.


7. Why do we do what we do?

PEACE Readers INTL was established because we sincerely believe that helping people is good for the human spirit.  Balanced literacy in a multicultural society increases the probability of developing marketable skills that produces social worth and economic value within the local community and the whole global community. PEACE cannot succeed without the donations, of both time & resources, of good humanitarians like you.

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