“Blowin’ Up”


“And the rockets read glare, the bombs bursting in air….” Does this sound familiar? Yes it’s a verse from our national anthem; The Star Spangled Banner, which is sang or played prior to sporting events in the United States. Have you ever thought about the meaning of the words? Every July 04th communities across the U.S. celebrate with beautiful displays of fireworks blowing up into the night sky symbolizing the bombs of warfare during our quest for freedom from Great Britain. This freedom was finally declared on July 04, 1776 by the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In urban dialect “Blowin’ Up” is used as an endearing term denoting prosperity generally equated with fortune, fame and/or popularity.  When someone receives multiple calls or texts on their cellphone they are said to be “Blowin’ Up.” The U.S. military used weapons of warfare to fight for freedom. Our forefathers literally had to blow some things up during that adverse time in our nation’s history. Likewise, as a general rule, any endeavor toward prosperity will come with some adversity. Anyone who strives to produce good fruit will encounter naysayers and haters (those who hold others in contempt without just cause precipitated by their own insecurity, trepidation, and/or lack of competence). 

If you truly want to “blow up” or prosper then the best approach is to humble yourself before God because God resists the proud but, gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). Remember our fight is not against flesh and blood but we fight against powers and principalities (Eph. 6:12). The sad reality of the matter is those who hate on others really don’t love themselves. People filled with the spirit of love don’t have the time or the predisposition to hate on others. Although one person’s prosperity is not necessarily based on the demise of another, when you humble yourself God will make your enemies your footstool (Luke 20:43, Acts 2:35). In fact the truly successful person uplifts others as well. When others try to make you a victim, trust God to give you the victory.  If you have been rejected in one place then there is a blessing for you in a better place.  

As you exercise your God given liberty to pursue happiness, with a genuine motive and no intent to harm others, then I encourage you to keep doing what you do and do it with a passion! No weapon formed against you will prosper (Is. 54:17). If you stay humble God will bless you with an explosion of prosperity right in the face of your foes. In other words those who dare undermine your genuine effort and good works will see you prosper right before their eyes. Humble yourself and let God exalt you in due season; in his time. Just keep on “Blowin’ Up!”

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