Justin Heupel

My Name is Justin Heupel. I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (which is where I currently reside). I obtained my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2015 and my master’s degree in clinical psychology from Cardinal Stritch University in 2018. (Both of these schools are around the Milwaukee area in Wisconsin, which is where I lived for eight years while I completed the programs). Around the time I started grad school, I knew that I eventually wanted to pursue a degree at the doctoral level, which is what I am currently doing through Ashford University, with an anticipated graduation date of June 2022. I currently work as a therapist and have a temporary limited license as a psychologist. I have also done work in a psychiatric hospital and in a residential rehabilitation facility. What got me into the field of psychology and helping others is quite a story, but I will provide the short version. I was in a car accident when I was 20 years old that lead to a coma and eventual rehabilitation to relearn how to do the things I had been doing with ease for years (walk, shave, tie my shoes, etc..). Up to this point, I had excelled at most things I did physically but found that this was more of a mental battle I was facing. Throughout my experience, I found many individuals who were not as fortunate as me in terms of overcoming their injuries, and I wanted to learn how to help them do that. I thought psychology would be my best route to do so! With that being said, I intend to use my educational, professional, and personal experience to help others overcome any issues they may be experiencing. Whether that is in an office providing therapy or in an article providing inspiration and insight, I am here to help!

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