Josh Hanyard

Hello! I’m glad you are taking some time to explore the man behind the messages. My name is Joshua Hanyard and I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a kid I attended Heritage Christian School for both my elementary and middle school education. Children called me a “Future Preacher,” but for the children who weren’t as kind they would call me many other unsavory things. I’ve always had a passion for theater, comedy, writing, and public speaking. I attended Rufus King High School where I was able to pursue these creative avenues by taking speech and theater classes; and, I even had a chance to preach at 14 years-old! From high school to college I continued speaking and preaching on a part-time basis which elevated my studies and connection to Christ. Now, at 23 years-old I continue to utilize my gifts and abilities for the King who called me to His purpose. God is not done writing my story and I have quite a few unfinished stories myself!

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