James R. Manning

James Manning a five time published author. Founder and pastor of the Shinning Lights Christian Center for ten years. James manning believes that the only way to know the truth that sets free is through the leading of the Spirit of God. James Manning was born on the seventh day of the seventh month the year of nineteen hundred fifty-seven, the son of James Wesley and Catherine Manning. James is the youngest of nine siblings born in a small Florida town in an old wood three-bedroom house. James founded and pastored the Shinning Lights Christian Center for ten years. James has also pastored circuit Churches in the African Methodist Episcopal. He served as an assistant pastor in the Missionary Baptist Church. He's a graduate of the Word of Faith Bible School. James manning holds certificates from Rhema Bible School. James Appeared on the Christian Television Network for five years. He was the founder and host of the World overcoming Faith radio broadcast for three years. James has been a vocal student for over twenty-five years. He's the creator and founder of The Watchman's Forty Days of Seeking the Lord with the Whole Heart.

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