David R. Wilson

David R. Wilson is originally from south-central Wisconsin and is currently settled in northeast Wisconsin. He is blessed to be a husband to his wife, since 2012, and a proud father to their son & daughter. His professional experience includes non-profit program management, youth development and K-12 education; specifically afterschool programming. Along with his professional experience, civic engagement is a large part of his life. Service to others enables him to live out his purpose. David is very passionate about learning, building & nurturing supportive relationships and contributing to courageous conversations in order to prompt transformational change. David loves creating memories with his family, traveling, attending cultural events and outdoor leisure activities. He is a self proclaimed “Sneakerhead” and loves shoes with a story or theme. David enjoys watching Antique Roadshow & hunting for relics and other collectibles. He is still on a journey to realize what he wants to be when he grows up.

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