D. White, Ph. D

Darrell Anthony White Woodard serves as Minister of the McKeesport Church of Christ in McKeesport, PA.. He is a career educator and lifelong student of education having taught Social Studies, Language Arts, Special Education as well serving as a school counselor and multiple administrative roles including principal. He has served at every level from preschool through high school and college. In addition to his work as an educator extraordinaire, Dr. Woodard has also served as a family therapist and addictions counselor. Dr. Woodard is the founding editor of PEACE Readers INTL,; an e-publication for helping professionals and the communities they serve. PEACE Readers INTL is a wholesome platform of healthy expression written for good people from good people. We sincerely thank you for supporting balanced-literacy and PEACE by subscribing to PEACE Readers INTL. We hope you find the content both helpful and useful. Please encourage your family, friends, fellows, and perhaps even your foes to subscribe. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please submit your thoughts to feedback@read4peace.org or contact Dr. Woodard directly at d.white@read4peace.org.

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