Amber Musette Drew-Padgett

Amber Musette Drew-Padgett, MA- I have a Master’s degree in Sociology from Vanderbilt University, a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Sociology from Northeastern Illinois University, and an Associate degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Psychology from Oakton Community College. I am naturally curious about how the world (and people in it) work. I study and analyze racial/ethnic disparities in various social institutions (i.e. education, criminal justice system, and health care), how people construct their identities and create meaning in their lives, and how our social environments affect mental/physical health outcomes. One of my lifelong goals is to create a community-based mentoring organization that will help high school- and college-aged youth develop important life skills such as budgeting, time management, self-care, effective communication, and critical thinking, and navigate important life decisions such as attending college, applying for jobs, and starting a business.

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