Aaron Womack Jr.

Aaron Womack, Jr. has been an educator in the city of Milwaukee for the past twenty years. During this time he was recognized as the UWM Cooperating Teacher of the Year, was awarded the Star Teacher Award and the MTEP Teacher of the Year Award. He has also serve as an Administrator, Adjunct Professor at Concordia University, and coached Basketball in the Milwaukee area for over 20 years. Aaron is highly motivated, creative and fosters the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary for individuals to want to work harder than they thought possible to succeed above and beyond what they thought their potential was. He has transferred his knowledge and skills to that of an Empowerment Speaker and Author. As an expert on what hard work is and what it can achieve, Aaron speaks directly to individuals and their will and determination to lead and encourage others. He is not afraid to ask the hard questions and push people to the next level when he knows that “good is not good enough.” His disposition, knowledge, experience and willingness to continue to learn and grow make him the type of leader that would help move anybody or any organization to the next level. He is a committed team member who is dedicated to excellence!

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